Children’s Continuum of Care
Continually Transforming Lives


The services our staff strive to provide the youth and families we service are individualized, family driven, culturally diverse, and strength-based.  We also work collaboratively with all system partners and referring agencies.


Children’s Continuum of Care service goals include assisting the child and parent(s)/guardian(s) to develop new skills to address the needs of the identified child.  We also work to educate the family regarding behavioral health challenges and support their treatment goals.  Children’s Continuum of Care ultimately is focused on providing the child, family, and caregiver with consistency along their continuum of care.


During your time with Children’s Continuum of Care you may receive a call from our quality assurance department.  Please take the time to work with your assigned Children’s Continuum of Care staff to formulate a schedule of future appointments.  Please be sure to sign the service delivery documentation form every time you meet with the assigned worker. 


Lastly, we welcome your feedback during normal business hours, by calling (856) 661-1100.  In the event of after-hours or weekend concerns, our on-call team is always available, (609) 617-9389.

is a nonprofit provider of children’s behavioral healthcare services in the state of New Jersey.  Our services include Intensive In-Community Licensed Master Level Clinicians, Master Level Therapists, Behavioral Assistance, and Mentors.

Children’s Continuum of Care

For more information or to make referrals:


                    Phone:  856-661-1100                          Fax:  856-661-0910