Children’s Continuum of Care
Continually Transforming Lives

“Services are going well.  Kelli is very nice and M is very comfortable opening up to her.  I have noticed that M takes Kelli’s advise and has been able to stay much calmer when things are bothering her.  We really like her and we “Thank God” for the services.  I did not originally know they were available and have even given information to others that I feel may be able to utilize the services.” 

~ Ms. B (mother) 9/2009

“It has been a positive experience to work with Children’s Continuum both administratively and out in the field.”

~ Shane (CMO, Care Manager) 4/2009

“Angela, I will always remember and appreciate all of your help with D.  You did a great job with him.  He is tough to win over and you did. I especially want to thank you for getting to know D. and seeing the good in him, and helping us to see the good too.”  ~ Mrs. K

(mother) 8/2009

“I am very pleased with Ikem’s work.  He has been a part of the team for quite a while.  He is strength-based and has a way of making the situation positive.”

Care Manager, 4/2009

“Joe is very insightful, and helpful to the entire family.  He is a great person and was definitely the right man for the job. …. Joe is able to get to the root of the issues, that others could not.”

~ Mr. W

(father) 9/2009

“I am very happy working with both staff. They both are in communication and always available when needed.  I feel they are very professional, consistent in scheduling and monthly paperwork is always accessible.  The family really trusts the skills they share. ” 

~ Joe (Care Manager) 4/16/2009

“Mona has been great, she goes above and beyond.  If she has a challenging session during the week, she also calls on the weekend to ensure that things are going well and the plan is being followed by all.  I couldn’t ask for a better therapist than Mona.”

~ Ms. L

(mother) 7/15/2009

“Lakesha is awesome … it is a blessing to have her.  She knows just what to do to turn negative behaviors around  J. is autistic and Lakesha has made it easier for us to understand his challenges and how to best deal with them.  I have learned a lot from her working with our family and I am still learning.”

~ Ms. T

(grandmother) 9/9/2009

“…(Alice) is top notch/an excellent therapist.  The mother of the youth she was working with loved her.  Alice empowered the mother and child and when it was time to close, she handled the closing beautifully.  It was a very smooth transition.”

(CMO, care manager) 7/2009

“Sheri is doing a wonderful job.  Sheri’s education on post traumatic stress has been extremely helpful.” 

~ Mrs. L

(mother) 8/27/2009